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{My Brain is a Garden of Eclectic Eccentricities}

Oh Blogger, you are my scathed mistress, hiding in the basement, beckoning for some attention, some love, perhaps even a single glance to acknowledge your existence.

Life, as it happens, is filled with so many wondrous events, moments, ideas, imaginings, aspirations, memories, actions. Sometimes its difficult to pull away from the "real world" and lose myself in the art of blogging.

Instead these days, I tend to lose myself in the art of scrapbooking and creative designing.

Once upon a time (last year), my dear sweet adoring husband left for Fort Benning for BCT/AIT - about 14 weeks away. During his absence, I grew close with a wonderful group of women and I began to apply my marketing design techniques to photo collages and commemorations for service members family.

Well, it not only ensued a promise of hours upon hours of busy time that allowed the time to zoom by, but it also was something I thoroughly enjoyed!

Thus the beginning of my home based business. Now keep in mind…

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