Simply brilliant.

Today was a typical Saturday.

Hubby had drill, so he was off at the crack of dawn all dressed to the 9s in his PT shorts and t-shirt, ready to go play soldier for the day.

The boys slept in a little bit, which gave me a few hours of Sipping my coffee, watching a Disney flick, enjoying the peace and quiet, cuddled up with my little blankie on my favorite big fluffy chair.

Mornings like this are always my favorite, because I can accomplish SO much without distraction! I can put dishes away, make a nice big breakfast, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, refill toiletries that are running low around the house, make sure the playrooms are in tip top shape and so on and so forth in regards to my domestic duties.

However, in all honesty, I can only take so much of this. The moment I start to hear little giggles coming from the back of the house and the pitter patter of tiny little feet attached to tiny little people bodies with grumbling big boy appetites that put overgrown adult football players to shame, I light up like a Christmas tree!

There is nothing more incredible to me than a day with my boys! My sweet silly little boys! So precious, so innocent, so simple and inquisitive.

Thank God we have boys!

Today, our dear sweet little sister (Zane's baby sister - aged 13) was primped and pampered for her first big dance. Hair done, manicured and pedicured like a princess, make-up done professionally. For the love of all that is good in this world, I just about cried!

Partially because she looked so beautiful all dressed up like a little lady, when her usual attire as an athlete is basketball shorts and a t-shirt with her hair tightly done up in a little bun. But mostly, because our dear sweet little sister looks like a flipping woman!

When did she get a butt?!?!?! And woman curves?!?! And little itty bitty boobies?!?!? I was hyperventilating at our inability to throw a blanket over her and hide her in the closet at the thought of her going out in public looking like a 20 year old woman, rather than a 13 year old little girl!

Did I also mention shes 6'+! Ohhh....trouble!

Although we have had this brush of realization on many occasions before, I cant say enough how much I applaud all the brave mommies of little daughters out there! I don't even know where to begin with how happy I am that the complications of female adolescence is something I wont have to face!

Hopefully our little boys will get into simple trouble - a little shoving match, sports injuries, social events.....

I don't think I am equipped to handle things like menstruation, attitude, breasts, bras, PMS, mood swings, and the all to quick development from little girl into what looks like a woman to other people but is still CLEARLY a little girl to me!

Freaks me out. Seriously. Spiders, snakes, ax murderers, doomsday prophecies - bring it on! But a pre-pubescent teen girl locked and loaded with teenage girl drama and boy trouble with an uncontrollable temperament.

Goodness, the thought terrifies me!

"Mom, I like this boy, and I know I'm just a freshman, and he's a senior, and he has a nice car, and he used to date a college girl and he wants me to go to prom with him, yayyy"

Would I just default to stalking techniques. Dress up like some blood sucking clown and follow them to this so called prom, and ensure that if so much more than her hand is touched by his hand, I shall jump out of the bushes and scare them into a night of terror followed by police reports, and news reporters and going home!

My sweet little boys. Thank God for my dear sweet boys. Please God, let them stay little forever. Give them an unnatural fascination with physics, science and math, underwater basket weaving, whatever people think is socially awkward, so that hopefully peers of the opposite sex will keep their grubby paws off of them!

One day I want them to find the right girl for them, and find the kind of unconditional love that I share with their daddy. But preferably not until they are......well damn it.

I cant even imagine a time when I will be able to release them out into the wild. Heck, we still haven't decided on whether or not we feel home school might be a better idea for them if we aren't able to get them into the private school we want. Because public schools scare the pants off us!

I've come up with a temporary solution though. In the meantime, all I can do is cuddle, love, kiss, hold, laugh with, tickle and enjoy my little tiny babies. Because one day, I may not know WHICH day it will be, but one of these days, they will be grown, and independent, and making decisions for themselves.

When that day comes, hopefully I will have completed my tweaks on time traveling mechanics, and we can just go back in time and start all over.

I don't know about you, but I think its the best idea I've ever had! In fact, I think its simply brilliant.

God bless! <3


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