Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Earlier today I read a status from a friend talking about how one night of babysitting gave her an entirely new appreciation for parents, especially stay at home moms, and thats always nice to hear!

The boys are the loves of my life, and thankfully, they are not as ill tempered or outrageous as I have seen other children get, but they are pretty full of energy and their growing independence is naturally beginning to show by the testing of boundaries. So yes, some days, after they fall asleep, there is a sigh of appreciation for the quiet. HaHa

"Yes, Carson, you can climb on the couch."
"No, Carson, you cannot however, lunge yourself from the couch, on to the coffee table in superhero like fashion."

I'm no longer a spring chicken, and each passing year I get a little less limber, I dont know how much longer I can jump in front of him with cat like reflexes and save him from his complete and utter defiance of fear! LOL

Aiden was a climber, but never a jumper! LOL Its hard to keep a straight face, because its so cute I cant help but smile and laugh! But you need to make sure he understands that if Mommy, Daddy, or the puppy isnt around to land on, some serious damage could potentially happen!

I love their independence, and I absolutely love to watch them growing as little people, perhaps with a little smaller dose of adrenaline though? Maybe? No?

They're going to skydive arent they. Or bungee jump. Or ride motorcycles. I can see myself now, my poor heart, I will be in a constant state of cardiac arrest before they leave elementary school, lol.

Lately, I am finding that my once happy eaters are now adapting their fathers selective stance on meals.

There was a time, I could put just about anything in front of them, and they would gobble it away! It made ensuring their daily intake of fruits and veggies were at an all time high!

But now, its, "noo", "I dont want corn", "I dont like that". But....but...its good for you!?!?! HaHa

I'm actually having to Google methods to incorporate vegetables into meals without them knowing!

For instance, last night I made mini meat loafs with creamed potatoes and corn.

I had to grate about 30 baby carrots and finely chop the onion, garlic and bellpepper into the mixture, so they wouldnt notice! LOL

I'm a chopper. For me, chopping veggies is relaxing, almost, a form of meditation, haha, silly as it sounds. But lately, I am having to dice and mince so much I am terrified at the logical mathematical statistics burdening themselves against my fingertip safety!

I mean, its only a matter of time with the amount of chopping I am doing before one of my fingers falls into the sink! LOL Its just practicality.

With that being said, I let dearest husband know, that a food processor is an acceptable anniversary gift for me. An apron too. He smiled at the thought that his little wife, eager and independent as she is, deep down is just a practical little house wifey with her families best interest in mind, always.

Back to the meal. Mini Meatloafs, an old family favorite. To top it off, Aiden decides that he no longer likes the adorable little meat loafs he used to LOVE! So, I had resort to deception again, and thinly slice the meatloaf into hot dog buns so he thought they were hot dogs.

Deceiving my children into eating vegetables, and to think, this time last year we had a heartfelt talk about the Santa Clause thing. We wanted to incorporate Christmas surprise morning, without the lies, because we just refused to be dishonest with our kids, if we lied about Santa, what else did we lie about?

Yet here I am, disguising vegetables into meats and meatloaf into a more processed food product that the kids seem to find irresistible. Shame on me! LOL

Its not like he was actually fooled, but the presentation gave him the gusto to try it, and of course, he liked it. Phew. One sneaky meal down, 145,458 to go!

Is this how its going to be from now on? I already put food coloring in their bottled water so they THINK its some crazy sugary drink!! LOL

God bless their Godfather, but when he gave them some kind of fruit punch that was basically 4lbs of sugar mixed with 1/2 cup water, they started asking for red juice, green juice, whatever.

Thankfully, Im a food coloring nut - hence my funfetti pancakes, green smashed potatoes, I do all I can to make eating healthy a fun thing for them. But now, I am taking those beautiful little drops of fun, and turning them into lies as I hand them blue colored filtered water....instead of punch. I try!

These boys sure do like to keep me on their toes, but thats fine with me, keeps me sharp! LOL

All this silliness just reminds me, that I am so very lucky to have these moments. Because not too long ago, I was such a workaholic that even though I came home to cook and clean, moments like that were few and far between because I was simply gone so much, and when I was home, my blackberry was glued to my hand while I answered emails, took conference calls, scheduled showings.

With that being said, this is going to be my last weekend of pure laziness before I begin a new endeavor, or two..or three.

We sat down to have a conversation about our upcoming plans for everything the fall months bring, especially this month. There is so much happening!

With Thanksgiving, Aiden's Birthday, our 5 year anniversary, Christmas, New Years, saving for our move, saving for a second car, my design work, the marketing contracts I have and now taking on another full time obligation to help expedite the saving process, I am not sure i will be getting much sleep in the near future! LOL

Thankfully, I have the most incredibly wonderful, supportive husband in the entire world, and he gave in to the idea of me working out of the house a little more so that I can concentrate my efforts and productivity rather than rushing around nap times and play times to get things done.

In the end, anything I bring in is 100% additional income, and can go towards savings, and make getting the boys the items on our Christmas List alot easier. Right now, its all manageable, but I really feel like God granted us this extra time and while doing a few projects here and there generally bring in a few extra shekels, it will be easier if I stepped back outside the comfort of home and threw myself into my old work ethic and mentality. If I want to have a nest egg set up before we move, I think its the best thing to do!

The only problem, is that I know me. Its not like I will transition from easy going, here and there fun projects into a full fledged 8 hour a day dedication. Noo...Im going to end up doing it all, haha. Its what I do, overextend myself, but somehow I always make it happen!

It all happened so fast though! We had this talk on Monday night, so Tuesday afternoon I started looking for something fun, simple, with regularity and a good salary, and found a few things that seemed intriguing. Sent out some resumes Tuesday night, got several responses by Wednesday morning, by 9am I had scheduled several interviews and when I came home Wednesday evening, I talked to Zane about the different options I had and I was excited and hoping the company I wanted to work for would extend an offer.

Before dinner I had my answer, and a phone call later They made an offer, I said yes, and I start on Monday. Phew, haha. It hadnt occurred to me until I was happy about the job I wanted making me an offer, but I havent had to interview for a job since 2007! LOL

I have met with prospective clients, to decide if I want to take on a project, but I havent been in a situation where I needed to look to an employer asking to hire me. Its been more, them trying to secure my services, and me deciding if it was something I would be interested in. Its a funny thing!

Its going to be regulated hours, lunch breaks, a set schedule, haha. I havent had that in years, but honestly, having less pressure on myself to handle everything is something I am looking forward to! Instead of putting myself back into a market where I am responsible for Steps 1-10, I can focus on one task at hand, do it well, and come home without my phone ringing through the late night incessantly or pulling me away from my boys.

Its really a breath of fresh air, and I am very excited and eager for this next week! And at the end of the week, I have something guaranteed to offer my family in lieu of my absence, and thats what its all about.

It really does seem like its going to be really fun, and its right up my alley of expertise, but better. Who gets to peddle love and get paid for it? I do! :)

God bless and wish us luck! <3

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome November!

Someone has been mighty lazy. Me. I mean me. LOL

Well, Halloween was great! We took the boys to Halloween Night at the Dallas Zoo and it was no where near overcrowded, but I was so happy to see a good turnout! They had some incredible things set up, puppet shows, dance shows, trick or treating stations where they each handed out HUGE handfulls of candy!

I never would have thought we would have left the Zoo of all places with like 10lbs of candy, but we did! LOL

The bounce houses of course drew the boys attention, and they loooved the little puppet show, but I think the neatest thing was the newly opened African Savannah.

They have Giraffe feeding, and its just incredible to see these animals at eye level with you, walking up to you face to face and realizing how HUGE their heads are!

The lions enclosure was now glassed and they were pawing at the people watching on. Funniest thing ever, was we put Carson down so he could walk up to the glass and immediately the lioness locked her eyes on him, being the smallest thing in the crowd, lowered her body, wiggled her bottom, then pounced!

Whether she wanted to eat him, or play with him, I dont know, but watching it from my perspective, with only an inch or two of glass separating them, it was incredible!

We are avid animal lovers and looove the zoo, sanctuaries, drive through safaris, you name it, if its a chance to interact with animals, we are there! They did a great job though, go Dallas Zoo!

Not a whole lot more has happened this week, we have been enjoying some more down time, I have been able to get a few more shipments out and I have a few more requests I need to work on as soon as the boys let me cut away for a moment!

I'm getting REALLY excited about this month! I cant believe our tiny little sweet baby boy is going to be 4 this year!!! In just a few weeks!! INSANE!

Hes such a big boy, so bright, so sweet, so sociable, and smart. We are so, so proud of him! Since his birthday is so near Thanksgiving we are still tossing around ideas for his birthday - daddy will be at guard duty all weekend, so it will have to be the weekend after, which is after Thanksgiving and after our anniversary.

Maybe we can just do something in the middle of the week? I dont know, haha, we will figure something out. Last year we had a little shindig at our house, but I dont think we are going that route this year.

We will see, there are a few places I am thinking about that may be fun - Nickle Mania, Planet Pizza, and maybe a few other things. We will see, either way I need to get the ball rolling because I need to design and send out invitations, get the cake ordered, and make some goodie bags!

I love kids birthdays! <3<3<3<3<3<3

Anyway, enough about that, this weekend my baby brother is coming to visit for a few days, yay! I was just thinking how it had been so long since the boys had a picture of them and their uncle!

Then next week I am busy trying to get some work done, push through some designs and I am considering designing and offering some Holiday Greeting Cards also! But...I think I need to finilize maybe 10 designs and keep it simple. Lets see how that goes, if it goes well, then I can work on some designs for invitations, thank you cards, and some other graphic work!

I really just need to up my anty and try to stay busy. With that in mind, I think I want a redesign on my website, its informational and pretty, but I would it to be more friendly and casual.

Making myself busy. :)

Well, hope all is well with everyone in the world, praying this holiday season brings family together and some great memories!

God bless! <3

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