Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Monkey!

Two years ago today, I was holding our newborn little Carson Alexander Ard, sweet little angel!

The last few years have flown so quickly - in a way that reminds you of those graceful and wise comments from older generations as they visited in his first few hours, warning us of the dangers of falling in love with that new baby smell that shall dissipate before we have a chance to capture it fully.

How right they were! There are still times, after baths, and before bed, where for a few moments I get to snuggle and cuddle my little guys as if they were still those helpless little completely dependent creatures. Yet, here they are, strong, independent, willful, assertive, intelligent, playful and decisive. I couldnt be prouder, but I must admit sometimes I miss the feeling of their complete and utter NEED for mommy!

Although, thats not entirely gone just yet, but as each day, week, month, passes, I find my little baby, wanting to play with his blocks, instead of cuddle and read, or wanting to run around and play tag with brother, instead of help mommy in the kitchen.

Is this how it starts? Before the time comes when I no longer warrant a hug in public, or god forbid, those dreaded unanswered phone calls that boys are so known for in their teens. Sniff. Sniff. Can life slow down just a little bit please?

Luckily for me, the hubbs has been warning me about this for years, and has offered himself and his unconditional love up as a constant and never ending surety, when the affection of my boys inevitably dwindles down to a once a month phone call.

Hopefully, the coming decades will skill me in the art of motherly guilt, so that I can ensure daily devotion! LOL Sure, perhaps a momma's boy isnt all that socially affable, however, the thought of tucking my boys into bed, footie jammies and a warm glass of milk while they are in their 40s sure makes me chuckle. HeHe

Well, on a less depressing note, we cant wait for his little birthday party this weekend! We couldn't be happier that he inherited our absolute LOVE for animals, in a way that Aiden just never really has. He should LOVE Rainforest Cafe! Aiden has been there before, but as with everything animal, he wasnt all that impressed with the atmosphere, haha. Nor the zoo, the aquarium, or the safari's we have taken him on....Carson however, is illuminated by that brilliantly wide eyed wonder at all of Gods creatures! Its incredible to see that LOOK! You know the one, that look of just pure awe.

In honor of his birthday though, we are having a mini-party with just us fab four! Some mini-bacon cheese burgers, fresh fruit salad, french fries, a teenie little cake and a few gifts, when he saw me wrapping a few presents last night he was SO excited and ready to tear into them! Mission accomplished!

I'm proud of myself for being patient as well! One of his gifts, the one I happened to be the most excited about, is a nearly 10' x 6' Ball pit, with multiple games and accessories! It was in stock at the beginning of the week, but sadly when Zane went to pick it up yesterday, it was gone....and unavailable online.......and out of stock at Target.....and not carried at Walmart....or Toys R Us. As you can imagine, I was frantic, because I just HAD to have this thing!

Luckily, I found it online from a direct from the manufacturer site, and it will be here late, but it will be here. However, in this circumstance, generally I would be running frantic to find a substitute, probably 3x more expensive with lesser quality JUST to have it in time! But...I sucked it up, and realized that it was worth the wait to get him (well...them) something fabulous!

Hooray for patience! Not my finest point, and I have to say, its thanks to big brother Army. Learning to accept things out of my control has given me a new sense of calm and understanding that was lacking in previous years when it came to plans falling apart. LOL Thanks Army! <3

Speaking of which, less than 3 months until my hubbs ships off again, which....I have mixed feelings about. Part of me is looking forward to him finally getting done with this next phase of training and part of me is remembering what it was like to be without him for 14 weeks....and heres another 16+ weeks straight ahead. Although, considering I know so many women whose husbands are deployed, I dont really feel like I will have a right to be that sad about being away, but whether its a week, a month, or a year, absence of the one you love is absence. Duration matters, but it still saddens me to be away.

In the meantime, we are having a great time spending as much quality time together as a family! Daddy did however get a promotion at work, so he's been a little busier, but I see him loving the thrill and excitement of being able to train, inspire and motivate others from a managerial standpoint, and that spark is amazing to see for him!

Not to mention with him away, the house remains spic and span 99.9% of the time! I dont know how it happens, I run to the grocery store for an hour and come back to tornado alley, but I can stay home with the kids all day, running around, playing games, and when he comes home the house is spotless give or take a toy or two that has been removed from any of the play areas. High five to mothers everywhere, its a gift. :)

Anyway, enough of my rambling, off to wake the boys and start them off to a fantastic day! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little family, incredible little boys who are sweet and perfect, and an outstanding husband who is forever loving, supportive and my daily inspiration!

Thank you God, I couldnt have wished for a better life, because I never would have come close to imagining this level of serenity available to me on earth!

Make it a blessed day! <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quarterly Report

Well....not exactly, but considering I haven't written since mid-December it does kind of feel like it! LOL

Things are great, aside from the fact that the days are now going by so fast that I feel like we JUST celebrated New Years, yet here I am planning Carson's 2nd Birthday, which is taking place towards the end of MARCH. I mean really, where does the time go?

Now I understand the onset of moment your babies are, well babies and the next, they are using complex word structure, making independent decisions about what they like and dislike and setting goals for themselves.

And all before Kinder! School....scares me. Other kids, scare me. I need to get over it and step by step I am doing better, we even let Aiden go for a week long visit to visit the Wolf Family (aka Yaya & Papa Wolf) and although it took me a few hours to pack through the tears, and I was counting down the hours until he came home, it wasnt so bad.

Well, I guess I can catch it all up, Christmas was great! We bought the boys this HUGE storybook cottage, a new XBox and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember now because Ive slept since then, haha, but they loved it!

We have enjoyed a few family staycations - visited MidEvil times, Fossil Rim, Dinosaur World, and a few other family friendly things around the metroplex!

All this free time is getting to me though, oh yeah, so my little ever present "cold" eventually took me to the ER (after the doc of course) and it turns out that was good because my Kidneys had a really bad infection that was spreading to other organs, bladder and such. They believe I may have had stones, but couldn't see any, so either they passed, or the fact that I was sick and the infection was pretty bad it could have fogged the imaging.

Annnyywayyy, so I was better for a while, but now apparently another bug has made its way into the Ard home, and all of us are again, coughing, sneezing and fatigued.

Good Lord, if only I could remember what it felt like to NOT have someone in this house with the sniffles.

We found out the date for when Daddy ships out again, and its just getting closer and closer, but hopefully it will go quickly. He should only be gone about 4-4.5 months, hopefully not much longer, so considering we have all gone through the whole, daddy has to be gone for a few months thing with the boys, I am praying it will be easier - plus considering he will be in state, when and if he has any weekend passes, I can drive down in 6 hours! Yay!

We had originally planned on moving all of us together for a year while he was in training, but as it inched closer, and with our plans for the future, we figured we would just go ahead and stay here, and move once he gets home. Maybe by then we will have a little more money saved up and will have a better idea of what suits our budget a little better.

We just wanted to avoid moving and getting into something that suits our budget now, and then wanted to upsize when he got back - it just makes more sense for us to stay in this house. Besides we've lived here almost 2 years, and the boys are comfortable here, although, I CANT WAIT until we can move.

Quickly we have overgrown the house, and while its my fault, I am running out of places to put the boys toys and clothes! They need bigger closets, more toy boxes, a garage for larger toys so I can cycle them out occasionally, etc.

Right now their bedroom, the playroom and the 2nd playroom are completely jam-packed haha, good for them, but I would like to reclaim some parts of our real estate! LOL

There are a lot more wonderful developments under wraps that are super top secret, haha, so dont ask, because I hate to lie, but I will if I must to protect the innocent, hahaha.

Looking SO forward to the next couple of weeks which God willingly, may offer some new opportunities for the family!

Well, it looks like my boys are no longer interested in the puzzle they were working on and are now pretending its "rain", so its time for Mother Nature to stand in and do some shoveling! Oh joy! :-D

Have a blessed and happy day!

God Bless!

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