Friday, February 27, 2009

Monkeying Around

So, its definitely getting closer to baby time!

The last doctors appointment this past Monday was a huge disappointment. I was expecting a sono and BPP to be done, as well as the doctor to check my cervix, and what I got was the NP, who didn't know my file, my name, any information, left me sitting in the patient room for over an hour, and then came in to ask me about confirming my C-Sec date, which I have not even talked to my doc about!

I told her that we had not scheduled any date, and that the doctor wanted me to do an amnio, which I had declined then. And when the office called me to confirm the outpatient pricing on the amnio, I once again told them that I had declined the invasive procedure since all of my bloodwork, labs, and prior ultrasound had been perfectly normal, my blood pressure was normal, and there were no complications, so I did not understand why there would be a need for the amnio to begin with.

I asked the nurse to reconfirm for me that I had asked for a BPP to be done on our next ultrasound, and she responded with a, well of course, no problem! If the doctor has any concerns then I am sure he will be able to gather the information he needs from the BPP. Great!

Well, the nurse practicioner whom was attending to me while my doctor was out, said there was no point in doing an ultrasound, because all that does is "let me see the little baby in my tummy".

Are you kidding me?! She encouraged the amnio, saying that the doctor didnt want to schedule the c-section too early and then find out the babies lungs werent developed. Which, I understand...if we were in a high risk labor, facing complications or had any factors validating a procedure that is generally only used for pregnancies where the baby must be removed pre-term due to emergency situations like infection, trauma, loss of fluid, or a laundry list of other things. Since we fell under NONE of these categories, why was he so urgent to schedule the delivery, when we can just as easily wait for my body to tell us that the baby is ready, and then go from there.

She refused to say she would get an U/S done, and wouldnt even check my cervix! When I told her that I felt the lower back contrations (just braxton, nothing serious) but I could feel my cervix softening and widening, and increased pressure in my lower pelvic area, she said "well, you're pregnant, all pregnant women feel back pain, Im sure its nothing, most new moms freak out over every little pain"

Ummm. This isnt my first pregnancy, its my THIRD. So, sorry, but not a first time mommy, although I guess if she had bothered to read my chart she would know this. And, Ive had general back pain for months, Im not going to fret about simple pregnancy ailments - what I was feeling was not pain, it was just the numbing sensation you feel in your back as your CERVIX OPENS. I simply wanted to know if I had reached 1-2cm yet, not that it would indicate labor anytime soon, but still, it would show progress which I so badly want to hear.

Of course she just said she would be right back, and said okay, well you guys can go, doctor will see you next week and go ahead and schedule the amniocentesis and the c-section. ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

So frustrated with these people. I just dont get it, so quick to NOT do an ultrasound, and NOT check my cervix, and just jump to an invasive procedure which could cause trauma, infection, preterm labor and a number of other things, just so he can have a mark on his calander instead of not knowing? Moron.

Annnyyywayyyy, with all the frustration with these folks. Oh nevermind.

I've decided that I want to host a little sip and see with a monkey theme when the baby is born! :)

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