Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love. Joy. Peace. All thanks to God.

For some strange reason, I have been so tired all of a sudden.

Daddy has been really excited since he enrolled in some video game netflix type monthly thing, bringing new games to our doorstep at a whim for him to play with and return as he pleases. Its great...aside from the sudden change in his schedule from being a normal human being to being a vampire, asleep while the sun is up and wide awake during the late night! LOL

Silly daddy. I need to get him back on schedule, because he doesnt realize how much he has 100% complete influence over our entire household! And its making me drowsy and zombie like myself. Boo. I'm such a morning person, if I have too much sleep, or sleep too late, I am quite literally miserable!

Oh, to return to the days of waking up at a bright and fresh 5am. Just the THOUGHT brings a gleeful smile to my face!

Anyway, on Tuesday Julia came over and we took the little Ardlings to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch! It was our first year going and we had so much fun! It ended up being a little warmer than I thought, so we all got a little red in the face, but the boys had a blast running around the pumpkins, the mazes, the bounce houses and slides and having a nice cold treat!

I failed miserably at being able to capture a great sit down picture of the two of them together, even ONCE, and Aiden was pretty much about to go all fire crotch on me with the constant flashing of my camera in his face. LOL

I cant help it! I'm a licensed mom-a-razzi! Its my divine right for giving them life, being able to capture as many moments frozen in time of their youth as I can possibly get away with! Right? LOL

I did get a few cute ones though, take a peek!

I loved my widdle guys!

Anyway, its been an excessively busy and wonderful week! So many new things, trying to get everything planned and prepared for our move to Ft. Sam Houston, I think we are projecting to head out there early 2011, maybe Jan-March, but alot of factors will determine how that goes and how soon.

We shall see!

Well, gotta run, maybe get busy a little bit, and pour over Christmas Catalogs for the kiddos!!! YAY!!!

God Bless & Goodnight!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who loves Mondays? I LOVE MONDAYS!

Why, exactly, am I so fond of Mondays? I cant say really. But the fresh start of a new week, even if I dont have anything particular lined up to occupy my mind just brings on this rush of energy and excitement for a brand new week!

Today was a fairly typical day since daddy came home - I was up early, unloading the dishwasher, starting on laundry, sweeping and mopping, while all my wonderful boys slept soundly in their beds.

Too soundly. Too late in fact - I really need to break them soon of this business of sleeping in until after 9-10am. I mean seriously, I know one day they will be teenagers that sleep through morning straight up until dinner time, or so I am told, but I cant have that happening now!

Honestly speaking, I miss the early mornings with my hubby - 5am, coffee and a nice quiet house, just the two of us to share our thoughts, talk about our dreams, current events, politics, religion, what ever form of adult conversation we could muster before the world of Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba ran through our hallways.

Lately though, hes adapted this new philosophy of over relaxation, haha. Not that I mind taking some time to just sit back and sleep in, but day after day of it is too much for me! I'm just a bit more of a morning person, and I need my mornings and my routine to ensure energy and a good balance for my day!

I cant complain though, I let him sleep as long as he wants, poor daddy. Before we know it we will be headed to Ft. Sam Houston so he can begin his new MOS training, and he will have his head married to books for quite some time.

Fingers crossed we can secure all the additional training and schooling he is hoping to get added on to his contract, but only time will tell. Either way, I know he will be able to make the cut. Essentially, if its not in his contract, he just has to ensure he makes the top 10% of his class to apply for specialized schools and training, and I know thats well within his realm of ability. Well within.

Since we are on topic, I am really trying to occupy my spare time to complete all the levels of training for military spouses offered at Overall, I am really looking forward to when we get near post and I can apply for volunteer opportunities, with FRG hopefully, but I know I will need to work my way up through some leadership courses and become completely acclimated with military lifestyle before I can expect them to allow me an opportunity to help advocate new families.

So far so good, completed the EFMP Program Overview - such great information and something I am really proud to see the military doing for families with exceptional dependents. I love it. Really, I do.

My love for the military though, and everything about it, is more than just an idle infatuation. I never knew we would find such a wonderful community and a home with the ARNG. If we had known, no doubt we would have enlisted sooner, but as with everything, God has a plan and things happen as they are meant to.

Right now the closest installation is on the other side of Ft. Worth, and its a Naval Air Base at that. While its still up in the air whether or not we can get the the approval for housing on post when we head there for AIT or not is still in the air, but the sooner we know, the better we can make arrangements. As of right now he doesn't report until next Spring, so we have plenty of time to make our way comfortably, thank goodness.

With the waiting list for housing being a few months, if I can get us on it with his orders, that would be great! The housing market in San Antonio is a little different, and I am just afraid of landing my little family in too rough of an area due to a lack of experience with the market.

Although, I do have some contacts there, I might have to make some phone calls and see if they can keep an eye out for some good deals. One thing at a time Heather, one thing at a time.

In the meantime, I am keeping busy! Military moms and wives are keeping me busy with design work! I did a few pieces today and I have several on backorder!

I would say that tomorrow I can tackle my growing backorder list - but neigh, I cannot. Because tomorrow, we head to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch! YAY!

Finally!! Last weekend while Zane was at RSP, Julia was supposed to come over so we could take the boys together, well she stands me up then calls at 3pm, LOL. So we are going this week, puts a little pressure on me to get the Halloween cards done and mailed off, but at least I can get it done! This year we WILL have Halloween holiday cards darn it!

Speaking of Halloween, we had planned on spending the day with Zane's grandparents, but it looks like they will be out of town, sadly. Although, with every closed window comes a door of opportunities! And I am extremely excited that we decided to take the boys to the Halloween Night at the Dallas Zoo! YAY! It will be so much fun, and it looks like both George and Julia will be joining us as we take the boys trick or treating this year!

Cant wait to be honest! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the fall!

Anyway, enough excitement for me, I think its time to call it a night so I can have my fingers ready for full on mommarazzi! The boys, and pumpkins, and hay, and petting zoo, cmon. I might just come home with carpel tunnel.

Have a great night dear friends and loved ones. Whomever you are.

God Bless!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn is officially HERE!

This time of year brings such joy to my heart. The changing of the seasons, that wonderful chill in the air that warrants a nice warm and cozy scarf and gorgeous wintery boots, even in Texas.

Each year, especially as our boys get older, the coming of the months filled with holidays and festivities bring such excitement and anticipation in our home! From carving pumpkins, to turkey dinners to Christmas morning, the wonderful memories to come are already making their mark!

Today, a friend shared a sad story with me, about a good friend of hers losing her father unexpectedly, and it reminds me that each day, hour and moment is priceless, and once they pass, there is no going back. There is no chance to waste your times with promises of family time - the time is NOW.

Zane & I have for years lived each day, loving eachother as if it were our last day, making the most of every minute God has blessed us with eachother, and we hope that one day our boys can grow up with this same type of mentality to carry on with their children.

Making and cherishing our family memories becomes increasingly important for me, and setting traditions that we hope to continue year after year I pray will set the stage for the joy of the season.

This year, the boys and I worked on some adorable little pumpkins - our first batch of pumpkins carved with more than geometric simplicity. If I had to say so myself, they were QUITE adorable!

Is it a little sad that I get excited that in the next few years, my pumpkin carving skills shall through experience reach a level of perfection to make all our neighbors envious? We can dream, cant we.

Speaking of neighbors - it looks like we shall continue to call our home, home, for now, at least for a few more months before Zane heads off to his new training station.

Our appreciation for the time God has given us to spend together after the months apart, and before the many months ahead of us where daddy will be busy with working, training and studying, but I cant help but be excited and anxious for the day to come when we can pack up our home and move on to the next phase in our lives!

God has his plan, and we trust in it 110%!

Well, its about that time I get settled into bed with my wonderful husband and prepare for another wonderful week!

God bless!

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