Commitment Issues, Neurosis and Craftiness

I love to blog. I really do. Now, you might be sitting there thinking, surely, if you enjoyed permanently sharing your every whim with the world, wouldn't your blog consist of daily posts rather than quarterly ones?

And you would be right my friend. So right. I continue to promise myself that no matter how my day unfolds, I will steal a few moments to write something fun and silly so I can look back on my wonderful days and chuckle at long lost seemingly insignificant memories that are everyday events to me, but will be so treasured when my boys no longer engage with me the way I have the pleasure of experiencing today, and yesterday, and tomorrow, and probably next week.

However, it seems like I have a problem with committing myself to the task. A witty and humorous retort on Facebook is one thing - but to sit down and actually dedicate a continued amount of time, regardless of how long or short it might be, to ramble on incoherently about things no one else will probably look at anyway? I mean, it just sounds like so much work.

Sit still? You dont understand, I'm the person who hates telephone calls, but can hold conversations for hours via text. I can socially "LOL" my way around networking sites, but its because I only need to find myself funny for 3 seconds at a time before I return to my wild Ardlings and other motherly duties.

However, thanks to a dear old friend who I stumbled upon on Facebook, with her wit and charm and do-it-all-ness that makes any wannabe wonder woman take a step back and feel like she needs to step up her game, if you dont believe me, check our her fabulous life at her blog, House Unseen. Life Unscripted. . She's an inspiration, and brilliantly comedic, and I think I might try to do it.

Make the commitment. Write in pen, not pencil. Buy my blog a nice solitaire 1.5 ct ring and get on one knee and pledge my dedication to it, not haphazardly, but wholeheartedly. So that one day, I can look back and read through a collection of events our little family had the pleasure of experiencing, and maybe bring a smile to my face when my boys are off to college and too cool for mom.

Maybe. LOL

So, before I go on a tyrant little rant about the wondrous and joyful Easter weekend we had at the Ard household, I have to say that I completely and utterly applaud all of you mommies out there who enjoy the creative extremities of their little people!

Those oh so joyful moments of "Look mommy, a mud pie!" or "Mommy, look, cereal can be like paint!" or "Mommy, mommy, mommy!!! We made a bath on the floor!!!"

Of course I could go on and on and on, but we can just let your imaginations fill in the blanks on the day to day silliness having children under school age can bring to any home!

Back to my point though, I need to learn to be a little more devil-may-care, because even when engaging in purposeful tasks which inevitably result in messiness (ie finger-painting, baking, icing cupcakes, etc) I have this strategic assembly line established to move through at least five phases of cleansing before a mess even happens!

LOL - good thing most people aren't around to witness my neurosis, just my poor hubby who by now thinks this type of behavior is normal.

So much in fact that when we go out to dinner and he sees a family with children smacking their hands into their mashed potatoes and throwing peas and spilling drinks, hes in complete disarray and confusion, wondering where on earth their mother is, with her wet naps, vacuum, trash bags and sanitizer on hand to scoop it all up as its happening and manipulate the still buckled into their highchair toddlers into a fresh new pair of clothes so that the appearance of a perfectly executed meal was accomplished. The outrage! LOL

However, I must say that despite the enabling of it all, I am blessed to know my husband would rather think the whole wide world is crazy, nuts, insane, bonkers, and any other adjectives you can find to describe my actual behavior, than to think his dear sweet little wife is anything but perfect. I love him to pieces!

Anyway, my hat goes off to all your mommies out there! Perhaps one day I will have a reaction to spaghetti art that leans more towards "Ooooo, thats amazing, I especially like the way you used carrot sticks to make hair on this sgetti-monster" instead of "'s one way to enjoy your dinner, but you know what would be MORE fun! I'm talking super duper fun!!! A vacuum and some wipes, lets go!!!"

Our poor boys are now living with this insane idea that cleaning products are just a special form of toy they get to play with when mommy says its time, haha. Poor little boys, but one day, yes one day in the very very VERY far away future, their wives might appreciate it!

So anyway, my mom and grandparents came into town for Easter weekend, and we all had a glorious time enjoying each others company! Seeing as my mom is in Connecticut, and my grandparents are in San Antonio, I definitely don't see any of them as often as I would like, and I always worry that the boys might be a little distant and shy because it takes a few moments to get used to people they aren't around all the time.

However, much to my delight, they were all over my grandparents like stink bugs on the stink! That's right, Aiden immediately grabbed my grandpa's hand and showed him all around his playroom, his other playroom, his room, his toys, the different types of fire trucks he had, why a fire truck was different than a fire engine and how people confuse them, the different types of guns he had, how to use his tennis racquet to hit a balloon, the best way to blow a bubble, and so on and so forth for approximately 14 hours of madness.

It was the sweetest thing though! I couldn't be happier that my dear mum decided on having them fly in for the day!

Well Easter weekend in whole, consisted of lots, and lots of treat making. I'm talking about cupcakes, mini sweet breads, cookies shaped like baskets which turned out after several trial and error attempts to be delightfully structurally sound and delicious! Sneak a peek!

Spectacular cupcakes!

The boys made MOST of them, honest! Under my strict and frantic guidance.

See! PROOF! They did it, this is before they thought that the coffee table might look better if it was a nice shade of pastel green, hahaha.

We also crafted some handy egg-gathering baskets since their Easter baskets were just not functional for any kind of hunt!

The back!

I thought these were SO cute, but despite how much I wanted to hide them away and showcase them for years and years to come, and chuckle at my craftiness, I decided to ACTUALLY allow them to use them not only for the hunt, but for snacks, and eventually, a water bucket. So sad to see them go, but the boys enjoyed them for almost as long as it took us to make them, and THATS what matters! LOL

All in all, I was so excited about this Easter! Talking to the boys about God, about His sacrifices, about His son, making the ultimate sacrifice for all of us, so that we could have a chance to understand God's will and become better people, and how wonderful and awe inspiring his life was.

How here we are, 2000+ years later, and we are still mourning, crying, feeling, loving, reflecting, praying, thanking and living. Thank you Jesus, for setting the ultimate example for us poor unsettled and unsure little spirits.

Thank you God, for our world, our lives, our love, our family, our friends, our chance to make choices in this life, to experience all the wonder you have given us!

Who could even ask for more? Not I. I have the best family in the world and I couldnt be happier! I love them all so much it hurts!

My attempt at trying to get Daddy and the boys together. Silly me. Kids....on Easter.....filled up on sugar...sitting still. Ya right! LOL

My littlest monkey!

My big boy!

The Ardlings, myself and Patton

Well, thats all for now. Hunger is upon my boys even though they just devoured their body weight in turkey for lunch, and its still early for dinner, but alas, I'm up to the plate! Literally speaking in fact, LOL.

In this life, I would have to say, that in the Ard Household, we're all happier than stink bugs on the stink.

God bless! <3


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