Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Sooo, its been ages since I've posted, and while I know its a bit neglectful, deep down I know that I only blog out of boredom, haha, and essentially no one really reads it so its not like I'm letting anyone down. :-D

The funny thing, is I used to be an avid blogger, with avalanches of thoughts just pouring out of me and out into the world, but since I found my happiness years ago in my better half, I just don't have that need to share my life with the world, because I would rather just live it!

But...I still enjoy writing and since I so seldom get to indulge recreation-ally, viola, the blog.

Life has been increasingly amazing! The new job is fun, laid back, and interesting, but I shall admit getting used to a structured schedule has been taking its toll. I guess I have just gotten so used to calling my own shots and doing what I want, when I want, that I forgot what it was like to have tangible boundaries and commitments.

I probably sound like a brat, haha, but its not a bad thing, just, different. Definitely taking some getting used to, and somehow draining of energy although I am sure its my ongoing cold that has something to do with that as well.

It is interesting to just sit and listen to help people open up about their lives, their relationships, their goals and how to accomplish them. Some people are harder to crack than others, some are just waiting for someone to ask so they can pout out their hearts.

Its much less invasive into my home life and has reminded me how much I enjoy helping people open up. The best thing about it is, when Aiden starts school I will be able to focus some efforts towards finishing school so that I can fulfill that passion in my preferred profession, but that's one step at a time.

Right now, the boys are top priority for us, and much more important than my want to indulge in higher education, is our need to focus all our time to their growth and development. They are only this small once in their lives, and I have the rest of my life to complete my education and start up my practice, I know God is with me every step of the way, allowing me to make baby steps.

Speaking of baby steps, I cant believe our little Aiden is already 4...and Carson shall be turning 2 in just a few short months...where has time gone?

Next week is CHRISTMAS! Its just insane! I am so behind with everything I wanted to get done, but I finally got Christmas cards out this past week, and we have secured the "big" items on the boys Christmas List.

Such as, the Step 2 Storybook Cottage (DELIVERED TODAY!!! And ALREADY set up in their 2nd playroom!), their new XBox 360 with upgraded harddrive, WiFi and tons of games, which will be in their room Christmas morning, Stinky the Garbage Truck (A MUST have I fell in love with!), a really large tool shop with hundreds of tools, and blah blah blah. LOL

Every year we go a little further overboard, but its awesome, I cant wait to see their little faces on Christmas morning!!!! So precious!

Speaking of sneaky, sexy, amazing husband ran out and bought me something without me knowing, and even wrapped it and put it under the tree! SO sweet, but its horribly mean! We always get something for US or for the HOUSE, and I have NO IDEA what to get him in return!

The sad truth is, he hates surprises, and he doesn't want me to buy something I know he would like without seeking his approval, because what if I get the wrong thing, yikes! LOL Why cant he be simple! :(

I decided while practical, I think I want to get him set up to take the classes and get his Concealed Handgun License, and of course, take him gun shopping.

How much more stereotypical can we get, hahaha. But its essentially the only thing I can think of that he will want and enjoy! So be it!

This time of year is the best, and each year just gets better! I couldn't feel more thankful to God for everything he has blessed us with over the years, most importantly each other.

Ive been reminded by strangers, now friendlies, that I glow when I talk about my husband, and while I always feel it inside, its wonderful to hear how that love radiates even to people that hardly know me.

Well, presents are wrapped, Christmas tree is glowing, and I cant WAIT for the boys to wake up and enjoy their first Christmas present! (Although, I would be lying if I didnt mention how we had been sneaking them gifts for weeks anyway...I know...we're horrible, haha)

I have to be up early to hit the stores and run some errands,then I think its off to visit with the Pinckards, and then to Prairie Lights, for some holiday fun, hot cocoa and santa!

God bless! <3


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