Friday, February 27, 2009

Monkeying Around

So, its definitely getting closer to baby time!

The last doctors appointment this past Monday was a huge disappointment. I was expecting a sono and BPP to be done, as well as the doctor to check my cervix, and what I got was the NP, who didn't know my file, my name, any information, left me sitting in the patient room for over an hour, and then came in to ask me about confirming my C-Sec date, which I have not even talked to my doc about!

I told her that we had not scheduled any date, and that the doctor wanted me to do an amnio, which I had declined then. And when the office called me to confirm the outpatient pricing on the amnio, I once again told them that I had declined the invasive procedure since all of my bloodwork, labs, and prior ultrasound had been perfectly normal, my blood pressure was normal, and there were no complications, so I did not understand why there would be a need for the amnio to begin with.

I asked the nurse to reconfirm for me that I had asked for a BPP to be done on our next ultrasound, and she responded with a, well of course, no problem! If the doctor has any concerns then I am sure he will be able to gather the information he needs from the BPP. Great!

Well, the nurse practicioner whom was attending to me while my doctor was out, said there was no point in doing an ultrasound, because all that does is "let me see the little baby in my tummy".

Are you kidding me?! She encouraged the amnio, saying that the doctor didnt want to schedule the c-section too early and then find out the babies lungs werent developed. Which, I understand...if we were in a high risk labor, facing complications or had any factors validating a procedure that is generally only used for pregnancies where the baby must be removed pre-term due to emergency situations like infection, trauma, loss of fluid, or a laundry list of other things. Since we fell under NONE of these categories, why was he so urgent to schedule the delivery, when we can just as easily wait for my body to tell us that the baby is ready, and then go from there.

She refused to say she would get an U/S done, and wouldnt even check my cervix! When I told her that I felt the lower back contrations (just braxton, nothing serious) but I could feel my cervix softening and widening, and increased pressure in my lower pelvic area, she said "well, you're pregnant, all pregnant women feel back pain, Im sure its nothing, most new moms freak out over every little pain"

Ummm. This isnt my first pregnancy, its my THIRD. So, sorry, but not a first time mommy, although I guess if she had bothered to read my chart she would know this. And, Ive had general back pain for months, Im not going to fret about simple pregnancy ailments - what I was feeling was not pain, it was just the numbing sensation you feel in your back as your CERVIX OPENS. I simply wanted to know if I had reached 1-2cm yet, not that it would indicate labor anytime soon, but still, it would show progress which I so badly want to hear.

Of course she just said she would be right back, and said okay, well you guys can go, doctor will see you next week and go ahead and schedule the amniocentesis and the c-section. ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

So frustrated with these people. I just dont get it, so quick to NOT do an ultrasound, and NOT check my cervix, and just jump to an invasive procedure which could cause trauma, infection, preterm labor and a number of other things, just so he can have a mark on his calander instead of not knowing? Moron.

Annnyyywayyyy, with all the frustration with these folks. Oh nevermind.

I've decided that I want to host a little sip and see with a monkey theme when the baby is born! :)

Friday, January 30, 2009


So we had our sonogram yesterday, and we are being told...its a BOY!

Zane refuses to believe this, and is still pretty certain that when the baby is born it will be a SHE not a HE but ya know, only time will tell on that one.

One really exciting thing is that the baby is head down (which I FELT happening over the past week or so) and already engaging. Looks like we were right on target thinking that the baby was going to be coming before March when its due.

I'm pretty excited about the possibility of it being a boy - but I'm really confused on what to believe. I have read alot of mothers who were told one thing in certainty and then ended up giving birth to a completely opposite sex!!! Imagine!!

At this point, I am prepared either way.

I would love a daughter - the theory of one sounds great, but to be honest when I really thought about it.....female hormones terrify me! A teen girl with breasts, and periods and emotional breakdowns. Yikes. Boys just seem so much simpler. They are interested in fun silly things, and when they do get themselves into the typical, "boys will be boys" trouble, its always dumb trouble.

I dont know, either way I will be happy. With a boy it gives Aiden a little sibling to play with and share interests with. With a girl, we get the chance to have a little princess.

Whatever God plans. Either way we have decided that we are not having anymore children. Now, I just have to come up with a suitable name for a boy - that is something I was completely unprepared for.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Texas Weather

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, energetic and excited like a kid on Christmas morning.

We were going in for a sonogram, and fingers crossed, we were hoping to be able to determine the sex...FINALLY. I know its never a 100% science, but still, it was exciting to finally be able to determine if we are having a girl for certain, or if God has decided to surprise us with a little boy.

We had been telling ourselves, that maybe the reason we couldn't tell before was just a fun way to spice up the enjoyment of pregnancy with a surprise! I mean, when again in your life do you get a surprise THIS big! But I cant take it, I NEED to know!!! LOL

Today was partially cold, and yes a little icy this morning, as the weather channel had been threatening it would be all day. But I get a call from the doctors office this morning at 8am - when its at its coldest saying that they are going to remain open, and confirmed I would be there for my 2:10pm appointment.

My excitement increased, and I went on a cleaning spree, and then all of a sudden around 11am, they give me a call. As the sun is coming out and the roads are clearing, they call to advise me that they are in fact closing the office by noon, and that I will have to call and reschedule.

Here I am, its 1:45pm, and I just stepped outside, and the sun is shining down on the earth, the roads are clear, traffic is breezing by (I can see a pretty busy street from our 3rd floor balcony).

How are they closed?!??!?

I'm irritated that the appearance of a little winter makes this state and its inhabitants go nuts! Like they forget how to drive, how to be responsible. They are all hormonal bi-polar crazed women who forgot their meds or something. Its astonishing.

Still frustrated because I was so looking forward to this visit, I guess there is nothing I can do about it, but I just hope tomorrow this nonsense dies down and we can go in to look at our little precious.

In the meantime, Aiden and I have had a wonderful day. He helped me clean the tub and make a batch of cookies. I promise I didn't eat all the dough. Though it did take quite a bit of will power. HaHa

Venting does wonders for the soul. I'm no longer wishing death upon the morons who cant drive or function in seasonal weather. :-D



Unfortunately the hubster couldn't take time off work yesterday to go to the doctor with me, but one of our best friends was kind enough to pop in at 8:45am and come with me! YAY!

Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without him. He kept Aiden entertained in the kiddie waiting area and apparently had fun chasing my oh so spunky 2 year old! :-D

I was a little sad that the doc told me I wasn't going to be able to do the sono, but I am scheduled to go in this afternoon and this time, Daddy is coming with me! Yay! The doc said yesterday that based on the development, even though we're not due until March, that we can probably expect to see her make her appearance into the world before the end of February.

We all think this. LOL Although, thats only a month away, so in a lot of ways, its kind of scary. As excited as we are, I'm a little terrified to think of what poor Aiden is going to think about this new intrusion into his universe. Hes been so sweet, rubbing my belly, doing cute little boy coos, and being oh so clingy with mommy to make her feel loved. At least for the first several months or so his little sibling will do no more than lie there, sleeping, eating and sleeping, along with other bodily functions that dont require further explanation.

By the time shes up and trying desperately to move around, he will be nearly 3 and even more of a grown up than he is right now. So sad. Hes growing up so fast. :(

I suppose the time really does fly.

Well, daddy is off to work, and hes taking some of the award winning lasagna that Georgie and I made last night (from SCRATCH thank you very much!) I hope his co-workers enjoy it. As sad as I was to see him take all that glorious italian greatness, its better than leaving it here, where I would be tempted to consume it all.

My trip to the grocery store was inspiring, and I returned home with a menu of healthy snacks and just a few minor indulgements. Im excited about the next few weeks of cooking!

Speaking of which, its breakfast time and I want to prepare something a little special for my tiny Angel to wake him up.

Off to do what I do!


Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Beginning

This year has just begun, yet I cant believe this first month in 2009 has flown by almost unnoticeably.

With this NEW year, there does seem to be a lot of NEW in my life. Some is scary, some is exciting, all of which is bordering on overwhelming, but in a good way.

I'm so very glad we had the opportunity to take a trip for the holidays, because it marked a transition in the very roles we play in our little family, and allowed me to feel not so shocked from the changes when we returned.

Working in Real Estate at this time, following a horrid mortgage collapse and housing crash, has been difficult, stressful, and scary. Deciding what we were going to do, if we couldn't look forward to the income we had become accustomed to was, well nightmarish.

Perhaps my state of imbalanced hormones brought on no doubt by our growing little munchkin inside had a way to soften my usually hardened outer shell. Hanging up my workaholic nature to stay home with our son, and prepare for our soon to be here bundle of joy was the hubbies ideal scenario. After some praying, and meditation on the subject, he was probably right.

I've always been the one to hold the weight of the world on my own shoulders, to not share the reigns, to be adamant that I be in control of our finances. Maybe it really is time for a change. He felt it was time for me to take a break, relieve myself from the stress of being the major breadwinner, and enjoy some alone time with Aiden before his little brother or sister makes their appearance. In many ways, he just wanted to transition into the role of father and provider.

God bless him.

It was a scary step for me. Giving up my reigns. Taking a step backward to join 1950's ideals. A cooking, cleaning, mommy and wife. Sounded....well, good. I love to cook and clean, I do that anyway. I love to take care of our home, and spend time with Aiden. I treasured it so much since I worked so much I always felt like I was missing everything. But, I grew up with a workaholic mother, independent and hard working. I guess in so many ways I adapted that attitude.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to a woman's role in the home - I am so traditional. I prefer to do the housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc; thats my duty, my responsibility and my honor as a wife and mother. Things I cherish and I do well. But to do these things and only these things.

I'm still adjusting to this new lifestyle. Getting ready for a new little baby to share our home, and my attention. We have settled into a nice routine, and I have thrown myself into the coordination of learning programs and developmental games for us to play. I think giving myself specific tasks, objectives and schedules makes me feel like I'm still "working" and in charge. LOL

Well, tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and I am really looking forward to it. Still debating on whether or not I am going to want to know the sex of the baby. I suppose in a few months I will find out anyway, and the excitement of not knowing for sure is really FUN, although after a rampage of rummaging through names, I came to the realization that maybe I should find out. Just for the sake of preparation.

Then it will give me something else to focus on for at least a few months.

Well, off to enjoy at least a few blissful moments in bed with my hubby until we drift off to sleep.


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